Something Different

A combination of modern & molecular gastronomy techniques, paired with a sprinkle of imagination & a dash of plain old science, these are our weirdest and most wonderful creations!

Hugh Hefner

A spirit forward drink, taking a Pornstar martini in a whole new direction, combining its key flavours, aged gracefully in an oak barrel to soften & intensify. Barrel aged blend of tropical old tom gin, vanilla distillate, passionfruit liqueur, sweet vermouth, acid & orange bitters, served up, with a ball of Bar One’s own-recipe prosecco sorbet!


Clarified Cosmopolitan

James Bond in disguise! This creation is crystal clear, but oozing with all of the delicious flavours of this classic 80’s ‘disco’ drink. We combine French triple sec, Swedish citrus vodka, citric acid and house made ‘clarified cranberry’, finished with skewered frozen grapes.



A classic kir royale, that is anything but… Experience the flavours of this classic cocktail from multiple angles! House-made blackcurrant liqueur, citric acid, Italian prosecco, blackcurrant sherbert & blackcurrant caviars.



‘You wanna balloon don’t cha?!’ Essentially a Rum twist on a Brandy Alexander, this is where is gets technical… Popcorn infused Penny Blue VSOP rum, shaken with chocolate liqueur, butterscotch schnapps & cream, finished with an atomised chocolate helium filled balloon!


Rum ‘N’ Coke

We pulled apart the simple rum & coke, and put it back together in our own vision! Packed with intense flavours, we combine Caribbean spiced rum, loaded with hints of Persian lime & vanilla, cherry almond balsamic vinegar, cola reduction & sweet vermouth. Finished with orange oil.


Aurora Borealis

The colour changing one! A tall, refreshing blend of raspberry & pear vodkas, lychee liqueur, elderflower syrup, citric and carbonated citric soda. Served with a test tube of magic!

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