We’re the 4th bar on the Scottish Heralds list of places to enjoy a cocktail in Scotland –WOOHOO!

We couldn’t be happier with this announcement! It’s fantastic for Bar One, Cru and thriving cocktail scene in the Highlands. Read the article and discover the other fantastic establishments we were up against.

And stay tuned next year for our amazing new cocktail menu! It’ll be packed full of our old classics, like the famous drumstick that has been a staple with us since day one, to our most recent drinks from the Dexter’s Lab creations, that features the colour changing Aurora Borealis and Pennywise cocktail with a chocolate liqueur filled helium balloon – they’re all spectacular! As well as our brand-new creations that will push the boundaries even more. Our lips are sealed, so you’ll need to stay glued to social for some behind the scenes clips.

We’re ending 2018 on a high and are ready for everything that 2019 brings. We hope to see you out & about during our 10th anniversary year.


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