Espresso Yourself!

Elixir of life, giver of gusto, saviour of all working folk, parents and ordinary humans!

Coffee is king!

Here at Bar One, we have never taken it for granted!
It has always been our aim, to bring you the very best, smoothest, consistently delicious coffee, at a price that doesn’t make your hand shake any more than it already is!

To do this, we scoured the earth for the perfect bean!  We worked with independent roasters, massive conglomerates, master blenders, and even took a trip to Italy!  From the perfect bean, the right milk, the ideal espresso machine, all the way to the crockery, no element of our coffee offer has gone unscrutinised!

In the end, there was only one choice, that delivered quality and constistency that was both unique it it’s flavour and diverse in its use!

Lavazza Grand Espresso – vigorous, creamy coffee with intense aroma.

ROASTING: medium
AROMA AND FLAVOUR: full-bodied, rich and intense flavour, with hints of spice and chocolate

A blend of South American highland coffee beans combined with intense Asian varieties and the fragrance of Central American beans.

Those who like a creamy Italian espresso with a persistent after-taste will particularly appreciate this coffee. Noted for its smooth, rich flavour that retains its strength and full body whether enjoyed as an espresso or in milky drinks.



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