Grab a ‘Pizza’ the action!

At the beginning of this year, we set out to find the ultimate food!  Something that could soak up alcohol, something that could be enjoyed as breakfast, lunch or dinner, something that could be shared as well as it could be enjoyed individually.


After much research and painstaking investigation, there was only one delicious answer……..

? PIZZA! ?

Like a cheese filled dough-ball, our offer is small, yet perfectly formed.  You will find a range of artisan pizzas, with toppings that range from traditional, to downright ludicrous!


Enjoy our ? Posh Hawaiian ? – an interestingly sweet and savoury mix of prosciutto & peach, drizzled with balsamic glaze.

Indulge in our ?️ Spicy Italiano ?️ – which combines spicy, soft ‘Nduja sausage, and fragrant pesto oil!

Take the ? healthy option ? with wilted spinach and lemon & herb olives!

To name but a few!


For something lighter, we also offer folded flatbread sandwiches, packed to the gunnels with delicious fillings!

 [Check out our menu here ]

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